I live loops, sleep snares, and breathe beats.

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22 May
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This is essentially a music blog now, and I don't talk about myself much anymore (except as it relates to what I am talking about, which is music [which is admittedly me talking about myself and my life, in the less stomach-cramp-inducing guise of talking about music.])

This is me here:

And this is me with the arab strap:

a certain ratio, acdc, ambient, american idol, autechre, basement jaxx, beatles, belle and sebastian, beyonce, big river, black metal, blur, bob dylan, bonzo dog doo-dah band, brian eno, britney spears, cat power, chicago house, clinic, daft punk, damned, dance dance revolution, dance music, definitive jux, delays, destiny's child, dig, disco inferno, dizzee rascal, dj wonder, durutti column, edgar varese, electro, factory records, fluxblog, freaky trigger, gang of four, george gershwin, girls aloud, glitchrock, go sailor, green day, heart, hidden cameras, house music, ilx, jay-z, jean grae, john peel, jojo, jon savage, joy division, jungle, justin timberlake, kangaroo q, kanye west, king crimson, kinks, klezmer, last plane to jakarta, leftfield, lightning bolt, madness, massive attack, medic, metallica, mike skinner, minor threat, mogwai, motown, mountain goats, mt gigantic, music, nas, nellie mckay, neu, neutral milk hotel, new order, oasis, operation ivy, orbital, palace, pavement, pinback, pixies, pop music, poptimism, post-punk, prog rock, pulp, punk rock, radiohead, ramones, records, renegade amish people, rocafella, rock docs, rolling stones, rose melberg, rough trade records, roxy music, russell simmons, rutles, sasha, sebadoh, shangri-las, slick rick, sonic youth, specials, steely dan, stylus, sundays, supremes, tbnoml, telepopmusik, television, the fall, the hal al shedad, the streets, the verve, the who, tiger trap, trax records, twinkiebots, undertones, underworld, velvet underground, warsaw, wayne dyer, wiley, will oldham, william orbit, wire, zombies

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